Our livery, training and sales yard Langfuri is situated in the heart of Kanton Thurgau. Since 1997 it has been a meeting place for national and international riders and trainers. Our equestrian centre has developed over the years and the selling of dressage horses has become our speciality. We have built our business with emphasis on the welfare of the horses.

They have first class training facilities and an optimal environment to rest and relax.

Equestrian centre Langfuri
Indoor school 20x40m, light and airy with a super Parkway surface
Outdoor arena 25x60m, floodlit and with a first class Parkway surface
Lungeing arena, 17m diameter
Oval horse walker, 18x8m


Beritt und Ausbildung Ihres Pferdes nach Absprache.

Lenherr (Tiggy)
Bereiterin FN
Trägerin des Goldenen Reitabzeichens
Erfolge bis Grand Prix
Auskunft für Training:
0041 (0)79 830 63 26
Springerfolge bis Klasse S
Auskunft für Training:
0041 (0)79 693 50 05


Feel at home

Langfuri welcomes all riders whether sport or hobby orientated. The layout of our establishment enables our clients to enjoy their horses whatever their ambitions.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about our daily routine and current prices.